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Feb 27, 2019

Becky Willoughby is author of the book, Switch on your psychic - the simple way to develop your natural intuition. Your most important decision making asset in business and life.

What we call psychic abilities are easy to switch on and develop for most people.

When you do that, your business and private relationships with your team and colleges improve, your peace of mind makes staying unstressed the normal state, and the choices you make means you are a more followable leader making better use of your hard won experience.

Our guest is better known around the world for using her psychic abilities to be able to find lost pets remotely; she finds it natural to tune into the energy link between animals and their humans.

Finding a lost pet skunk in Australia while she's at home in Devon U.K. may be press worthy, but, she has also helped helped her favourite clients, women in commerce and business, find their solutions and best path.

And if your nature is your business, then Becky Willoughby can show you how to tune into the energy connection between the people you need and lead, and your own true psychic self or intuition.

Happy to work with small exclusive groups, in team mini-retreats, full week retreats, and one on one with you individually on a coaching programme over four weeks, or as a one off advisory for those hard choice times.

The process includes Becky's eclectic skills as a Clairvoyant, Medium, Hypnotherapist and Creator Mind Style, and will be bespoke to fit you and your unique circumstances.

Obviously with a spiritual basis, she can promise a no fluff or fuss approach with nothing weird or whacky. She's been a deputy mayoress and knows the true value of a straight forward growing and knowing process that will change your mind.

You can get Becky's book and details from